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Painter High Wycombe: Need a Professional Paint Job.

Freshen Up Your High Wycombe Home Inside and Out with a Modern Colour and Quality Coat of Paint from Perth’s Best Painter


Dear High Wycombe home owner.

I love making home owners happy, and nothing makes people more happy and satisfied than taking a tired, chipped, grubby room and transforming it with filling, sanding, and 2-3 coats of quality paint in a fresh modern colour combination.

A quality paint finish in your High Wycombe bedroom, lounge room, dining room, every room, haha will make you feel super satisfied and I love seeing and hearing how happy you are with the finish.

Whether it be your home or that of your rental property, you can rest assured we work quickly, efficiently and with attention to detail.

When I come around to quote on painting your High Wycombe property, I will discuss colours, colour combinations, feature walls, fixing of chips, holes, and any issues that might cause a problem.

Note, I have been a builder for 35 years coming from the UK and a family building business 20 years ago.  This means I am skilled at everything from tiling to bricklaying to roofing.  This means that if there is an additional issue of job you need doing in addition to the painting or needs doing before you can get your painting started, then I am happy to quote on this. Like my painting quotes, I am surprisingly good value at other home improvements as well.

It is easy to get started as all you need to do is send me a text, call me or fill in the form on the right.  Then I will make a time to come out to your High Wycombe property and see what painting works you need done.

I will be able to provide you a quote within 1 -2 days depending on the amount of painting.

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    I look forward to your call and providing you a professional, quality painting service.  Then I can enjoy seeing the satisfaction on your face with the outcome and the quality of my work.



    Graham Kavanagh

    AKA Perth’s Best Painter

    Perth Suburbs

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